Dehumidifiers In Solon, OH

Dehumidifiers In Solon, Maple Heights, Parma, OH, And Surrounding Areas

Whole-house dehumidifiers are installed to work in conjunction with a home’s heating and cooling system or HVAC. The device draws air through the return ductwork. The humidity levels in the environment are controlled by pulling in the warm, moist air into the unit, which is then cooled. This will result in the moisture in the environment being condensed into water droplets.

Designed to remove excess moisture from air, a dehumidifier is useful in humid climates. It can create a cool, dry environment even in the summer heat. Some of the benefits include:

  • Fight mold and reduce allergens: Mold thrives around moisture and high humidity, so a dehumidifier helps suppress it. The machine can also help remove various types of allergens and reduce dust mites and small pests like silverfish and spiders.
  • Avoid musty odors: Mold and mildew can create musty odors. If there is any present, the system can clear out odors while reducing moisture enough to prevent them from recurring; at the same time, it reduces condensation that can damage walls, floorboards, and windows.
  • Allow your AC to run more efficiently: With reduced humidity levels, your air conditioning system can more easily maintain a steady temperature, and therefore run more efficiently, to lower your energy costs.

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